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MX Player Pro is a very popular and powerful multi-core decoding HD video player (cell phone + box), through the multi-core advanced hardware acceleration/rapid decoding video, so it is claimed that the performance is nearly 70% higher than the single core, in addition, MX Player Pro also provides gesture touch function, so you can easily browse the video by finger swipe/click, and the support for The professional version also supports free ad-free and video decoding enhancement!

MX Player Pro is the most powerful HD media player on Android mobile phones/tablets, almost all support Android 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 or above systems, you can adjust and control the playback speed, online subtitles (no need to find subtitles yourself to watch foreign language movies), can be said to be the most powerful and popular video player on the Android platform.

MX Player Pro is famous for its strong decoding performance and compatibility, and its support for subtitles is the best, compatible with all kinds of special effects subtitles! In addition, the user interface is designed with the popular Material Design style, and the theme page is really beautiful.

MX Player Pro・Ad-free version

Language】 Traditional Chinese/Multi-language

Software Name】 MX Player Pro

Version Information】 1.46.10

Software Size】 28.5 MB

Update Date】 June 24, 2022

[Permissions] AC3+DTS cracked version

System Support】 Support Android 5.0 or above (phone + box)

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MX Player Pro・Software Introduction Features

Software Introduction

This is the official release version, if you have installed MX Player series free version test version crack version and other related versions on your device, please remove all the old versions first, then install this version.

This is the ad-free version of MX Player Pro, a powerful video player with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support.

▼ Hardware Decoding – With the latest hardware decoder, more videos can benefit from hardware acceleration.

▼ Multi-core decoding – MX Player is the first multi-core decoding video player on Android, with nearly 70 percent better performance than single-core decoding in tests on multi-core devices.

▼ Pinch to zoom, drag and drop – Pinch and slide the screen to easily zoom in and out. Zooming and dragging are also available in the options section.

▼ Subtitle Gestures – Slide forward/backward to move to the next/previous subtitle. Slide up/down to move captions up/down. Zoom in/out to change caption size.

▼ Kid Lock – Keeps kids focused without worrying about them making random phone calls or accessing other applications. (Kit required)

MX Player Pro・Support for subtitle formats


SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass) 完整樣式。

SAMI(.smi) 支援 ruby 標籤。








Teletext PJS(.pjs)


MX Player Pro・Installation and use

1.Before installing MX Player Pro, please uninstall all the previous installed versions and decoders first!
2.In hardware decoder: If you want to play DTS when you use hardware decoder, please click Settings-> Decoder and enable audio soft decoding, so that the video will give up hardware decoding and use software decoding. When you play the video, if you only use it for specific files, please click Audio Select button and then enable Audio Soft Decode. The audio soft decoding will be temporarily used for that file.
3.In hardware decoder+ and software decoder: no special setting is needed.

MX Player Pro・Version Features

  1. No need to root or LP or Google Play to make changes;.
  2. disable/remove unwanted permissions + recipients + providers + services.
  3. optimize and compress aligned graphics as well as clean resources to enable fast loading.
  4. ad permissions/services/providers have been removed from Android.manifest.
  5. remove ad links and invoke invalid methods.
  6. ad layout visibility has been disabled.
  7. the activation icon has been changed in the menu/about.
  8. Removed the mandatory activation consent form.
  9. Removed startup screen.
  10. disabled pop-up rate dialogs; and
  11. play DTS-HD / DTS-X / EAC3 audio from any video container mkv, mp4, ts, m2ts.
  12. Google Play Store package check is disabled.
  13. remove the debug code.
  14. remove the default source tag name of the corresponding Java file.
  15. Disable analysis/crash/firebase.
  16. No active trackers or ads.
  17. AOSP-compatible mode.
  18. language: fully multilingual.
  19. CPU architecture: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, X86, x86_64.
  20. screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi.
  21. The original package signature has been changed.
  • Cracking instructions
  1. remove file sharing, tracker, some Google codes.
  2. fully functional (no flashing) in Android 11, Android 12 and higher versions.
  3. play DTS-HD / DTS-X / EAC3 audio from any video container mkv, mp4, ts, m2ts.
  4. language: fully multi-language.
  5. CPU architecture: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a.
  6. Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi.
  7. Original package signature has been changed.

[MX Player Pro Version Update
Update Description.

  • This update brings support for USB OTG devices (FAT32 only).
  • MX Share now supports sharing files from other applications.
  • Speed control in the local video player now supports direct input from the keyboard.
  • External subtitles can now be manually selected on local network shares – the playlist has been further optimized for a better experience.
  • This update also fixes an issue with handling external web URLs on Android 12 devices.

MX Player Pro APK・Download

ARMv7(32bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10_AC3-DTS-NEON_armeabi-v7a.apk 

ARMv8(64bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10_AC3-DTS-NEON-arm64-v8a.apk 

⏬【MX Player Pro MX Player Pro Full Crack (All Platforms): Attachment Download 1】

X86(32bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10_AC3-DTS-x86.apk 

X86_64(64bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10_AC3-DTS-x86_64.apk 

⏬【【MX Player Pro MX Player Pro English Lite(All Platforms): Attachment Download 1】

ARMv7(32bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10-AC3-DTS_NEON_Lite_armeabi-v7a.rar 

ARMv8(64bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10-AC3-DTS_NEON_Lite-arm64-v8a.rar 

X86(32bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10-AC3-DTS-Lite-x86.rar 

X86_64(64bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10-AC3-DTS-Lite-x86_64.rar 

⏬【MX Player Pro Professional MX Player Pro Multilingual Revised Version: Attachment Download 1】

Android 11+ Working (no flashback): ARMv7(32位元): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10_ML_RBMods_ARMv7.apk 

ARMv8(64bit): MXPlayerPro-v1.46.10_ML_RBMods_ARMv8.apk )

Note: If “Application not installed” appears during installation, you need to uninstall the old version first and then install this version.

If you can’t see the download link, please click [PC version] at the bottom of your browser to see*.

MX Player Pro – Google Play App

This is the ad-free version of MX Player. The free version has no feature limitations. Please try the free version first before buying the Pro version. Powerful video player with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support.

MX Player Pro APK Download, Pro version without ads

MX Player Pro APK Professional is a very popular video player for Android phones, with multi-core hardware acceleration to decode videos quickly, claiming to increase performance by almost 70% compared to single core.

Download MX Player Pro APK for android

MX Player Pro – the most powerful video player for android! This program supports all possible video formats and has its own processing …

MX Player Pro MOD APK 1.52.5 (Unlocked)

MX Player Pro is undoubtedly the best media player for Android devices, you can enjoy watching your favorite movies at anywhere anytime.

MX Player Pro video player for Android TV

Software name: MX Player Pro Search name: same as the software name Freeware: MX Player free, MX Player Pro is a paid version Support language: Traditional Chinese Support system: Android TV Test model: Xiaomi Box International Edition Support …

Powerful Video Player — MX Player Pro

MX Player (MX Player) is a well-known multimedia player for Android platform, a must-have local video player for video enthusiasts, which is famous for its powerful decoding performance and compatibility, and its support for subtitles is a …

Free Video and Audio Player MX Player (Mobile Version)

MX Player is a free, cross-platform, hardware-decompressed, smooth-playing audio and video player that supports almost all audio formats such as AC-3, MP3, AAC…… …

Download EAC3 Codec for MX Player (MX Player AIO ZIP Files )

EAC3 codec is Enhanced AC-3 format. It is an advanced AC-3 format for audio and video playing in the MX Player app. Users can enjoy high-quality …

Download MX Player AIO ZIP (EAC3 Codec for MX Player)

AC3 format is Enhanced AC-3 format for audio. Removing custom codec from MX Player makes it difficult for AC-types files to stream.

MX Player does not support this audio format (EAC3) – CSDN Blog

MX Player does not support this audio format (EAC3), MX Player has removed AC3/DTS support from 1.69 due to licensing issues Solution to view MX Player version: Options → Help → About.

Enable MX Player to play DTS/AC3 tracks – enable custom decoder

MX Player is a video player used by many people on Android. The default decoder is not able to handle DTS/AC3 series tracks (silent) due to copyright.

If your device (phone/tablet) is ready to upgrade to Android M, please download the latest version of the official custom codec (2015/9/24)

If you have dialed this kind of video without sound, you can actually use the following URL

Download the official version of custom codec and you will have sound.

MX Player Custom Codec with DTS & AC3 Support – XDA Forums

Two key points:

  1. The file is in zip format without decompression
  2. Download the corresponding custom codec version according to the type of your phone 1 above, if you do not know which version to download, download the 9 AIO Pack Just download the file to your phone, and then run MX Player will prompt the message has been caught Screenshot_2014-11-26-15-07-17 Select OK and the program will automatically close The program will automatically shut down after selecting ok, so it’s done (custom decoder) Screenshot_2015-01-20-14-04-31 actually opened a DTS audio track video file test has sound, there will be no unsupported message Screenshot_2015-01-20-14-05-43

In addition, the so-called support for DTS/AC3 will be multi-channel audio track downmix into 2 tracks, the current version does not support RAW output

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Parallel Space 是一款允許您在 Android 手機上運行同一應用程序的兩個實例的應用程序。 如果您想在一部 Android 手機上為一個應用程序使用兩個帳戶,這將很有幫助。 大多數情況下,您可以同時克隆和運行同一應用程序的多個實例。 但多年來,Parallel Space 已經變得肥胖,現在它會導致更快的電池消耗。 即使屏幕關閉,它也會在後台耗盡電池電量。


值得慶幸的是,並行空間應用程序沒有其他替代方案,其中之一是 克隆應用.


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這樣,您就無需擁有不同的設備或註銷並登錄許多應用程序。 克隆應用程序是適用於幾乎所有 Android 設備的應用程序。

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另一個很棒的事情是它不需要root權限。 它適用於任何 android 設備,並將幫助您在應用程序的帳戶之間切換。 它非常適合社交網絡和遊戲。


如果您閱讀了整篇文章,您可能已經得到了問題的答案。 克隆應用程序是運行同一應用程序的兩個實例的更好和更方便的選擇,而不必被廣告淹沒並消耗更多的額外 RAM。在這裡查看以下載.