How to Strengthen Your Eye-Sight?(5 Natural Ways to Improve your Vision)


Health is wealth is an often quoted proverb yet we don’t realize its importance truly. We can enjoy the colors of life only as long as we are healthy and fit. We are connected with life via our 5 basic senses. Among which the most important one is the sight. Yes, it’s our eyes because of which we can appreciate the beauty of nature and do our daily chores comfortably. Just imagine for a while, what if we lose our sight? A complete blackout! We just can’t imagine our life like this. It would be nearly impossible to live. Therefore, the eyes are no less than a blessing and we should take proper care of them.

The world we are living in today poses a great threat to our eyesight. Pollution, ultraviolet radiations, staring screens (tabs, laptops, and mobiles) for long badly affects our sight. These can be very harmful. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid any serious damage.

A range of medications is available to improve eye-sight but it is always better to go for natural treatments if available.  The medicines you take can also cause several harmful side effects. Therefore, you should always look for safer and natural alternatives. Considering the significance of eyes, I would like to share some easy remedies that can strengthen your eyesight and improve your vision.


Natural Ways to Improve your Vision

Appropriate Food

Eyes require certain nutrients for efficient functioning and regular intake of these nutrients will automatically improve your sight. Some of these nutrients are anti-oxidants, proteins, fiber, and Fatty acids. Incorporating foods (rich in these nutrients) in your diet will improve your eye-sight for sure.

Foods that will supply plenty of these nutrients are

  • Carrots
  • Egg yolks
  • Green veggies
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Soybeans
  • Seed oil
  • Walnuts

All these are nutritious and tasteful edibles. Make sure you use as many of these foods as possible to make your eyes function properly. In addition to proper food, appropriate exercise would also bring fruitful consequences.

Exercise for Eyes

Just like your body, eyes also need some kind of exercise in order to remain healthy and function properly. If you manage to stimulate and enhance eye muscles growth, believe me, it’s a golden tip to improve your eyesight.

Following are some ways by which you can get your vision improved.

Warm up

Warm your hands up by rubbing together and place your palms on the eyes for a few seconds. Make sure you repeat this process thrice. It will provide an instant relief.

Eye Rolling

Look upwards and start rolling your eyes slowly. Roll them ten times in clockwise direction and then do the same in anticlockwise direction.


Give your temples a message (in circles) using your thumbs. Make your thumb movements 20 times in clockwise direction and then 20 times in anti-clockwise direction as well.



Just as other parts of the body need a break from continuous physical activities, eyes also need proper rest. It is important to take a sound sleep for at least 8 hours a day. It would help the muscles to relax. Similarly, you should avoid staring your T.V and computer screen for hours and give your eyes rest in between.


Final Verdict

Some healthy additions to your daily diet in addition to these simple and easy exercises would improve your eyesight by strengthening your eye muscles and fulfilling their nutritional requirements.